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I offer English language lessons to persons of all ages and language abilities.  As a student-centered teacher, my focus is always on what the student wants to learn and needs in order to be able to learn.  My approach toward teaching is based on proven methods for motivating students to want to learn, feel confident while learning, remember what they learn and reach their goals not only for the English language skills but as they go through their lives.  The reason I’m able to help my students apply what they learn from our sessions to other areas of their life is because I listen to them, seek their ideas and suggestions for lessons, give them choices and let them take the “lead” so far as how they want to explore a topic or practice a skill, and through guiding and supporting them until they feel confident and secure enough to take over the learning task on their own.

Of course, children do not learn in the same way as adults and I’m very aware of how to design lessons that appeal to both groups.  I also understand that each person learns differently and am able to create a learning environment in groups and classrooms that enables all students to participate and stay actively engaged while learning.  Students are not passive learners in my classes or individual tutoring sessions.  Rather, they learn from each other and I learn from them because I encourage them to ask questions of me and others as well as to answer questions before I do.  I also seek to know about their experiences in and outside of the classroom and use activities designed for them to form supportive and cooperative relationships with each other.  As a result, we build a strong, shared learning community that nurtures everyone’s sense of belonging, purpose and growth.

The links below contain examples of materials and lessons that created in the past. Students and teachers are welcome to use this material for their own purposes without asking for my permission.

Lessons and Activities for Adult Learners

Lessons and Activities for Young Children




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