I have built a Google page site containing links to numerous resources for adult English language learners (as well as for native English speakers who want to improve their reading, writing, interpersonal communication and cultural awareness skills).

To receive updated information when I add it to a page, please click on the “Follow” tab.  Otherwise, you are free to browse the pages for useful information whenever you would like!  To link to these pages, please click on the page title below (I’m unable to give you access to my entire collection in one link):

Reading Activities            Learn Your Way!             ESOL (English Lessons for Speakers…)

Coming to America         Speaking Activities           Cultural Awareness

American Expressions

Google Site Collections

aBelow are links to lessons and activities that I’ve developed for adult learners:

Living in Two Worlds: Exploring Life Choices as a Bi-Cultural Person

English Articles Review Jeapardy Game

How Do You Like to Learn?

Graphic of Pre-Reading Skills

Thrift Store Shopping Game Cards

English Articles Explained


I offer personal lessons to English language learners and others in the Lynnwood, WA vicinity.   For more information, please contact me through the form on my My Services    I usually respond to requests within 24 hours.  Thank you!