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I am currently offering in-person and on-line English language lessons for all ages and language levels.  (Click on the links below to see examples of activities and lessons that I’ve created and used in the past.)

Lessons for Children

Lessons for Adults

Having worked as a technical writer, job skills trainer and/or managerial assistant in the higher education, manufacturing and information technology industries, I feel confident about my ability to provide job-specific communication skills and workplace culture information to English language learners seeking jobs in these industries.

In addition, I have worked with children in daycare and after school programs as well as adults in assisted living homes, where many non-native English speakers are employed.  While training and working with U.S. immigrants and refugees whose first language is not English, I noticed that many non-native English speakers were not able to fully participate in activities and meetings due to a lack of accommodation for their language level.  I’m familiar with laws and strategies for enforcing and enacting inclusive workplace environments so that all employees can have the same access to jobs, job skills training and company information.  Given my background developing, training and teaching job skills using methods designed to help adults learn and remember what they learn, I also offer workshops and consultations to company managers and/or their employees on how to foster a cooperative, team-oriented workplace environment in companies with a multi-cultural workforce.

Finally, I hope to help people learn English, especially if they have not had a good learning experience in the past. I love showing students what learning should be: rewarding and even fun! It should NOT be frustrating, discouraging, boring or meaningless.  This is my goal with each and every lesson and, so far, I’ve had good success in helping students of all ages discover the joy of learning!


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